Straight Red Ginger Short Hair. Kanekalon Wig

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Kanekalon Wig. Straight Red Ginger Short Hair. Buy Wigs Online

Length: Short Wig / 9 inches
Color: Red Ginger Wig / 35
Style: Straight Wig
Type: Lace Front & Skin Top Wig

Lace Front Wigs are the best choice today at the wig market! The Lace Front technology provides you 100% of self confidence - with this wig you should't hide your hair line with bangs any more! This wig supplied with silk, transparent, very tiny net ahead (from ear to ear) and every single hair put on this basis manually. 

So, when you wear Lace Front Wig - you can comb hair back, you either can do hair partings, and even though nobody around you can guess that it's not your own hair! Because people around can't see the wig line at your forehead - there is no wig-line when you use Lace Front Wigs! 

Our On-Line Wig Store only offers you wigs made with fine-quality heat resistant Japaneese Kanekalon fiber. The feature of this Kanekalon fiber - that it looks absolutely like human hair - even professionals can't define Kanekalon fiber from natural human hair! At the same time Kanekalon fiber twice stronger in comparison with human hair - this fact guaranteed durability and long life time of our wigs! 

Moreover - our superior-quality Kanekalon fiber are High Heat Resistant Fiber - it means that you can style and re-style this wig every day by means hair heat style appliances, up to 300 F (180 C) degree!

Besides - Kanekalon Heat Resistant Wigs needs much less time for its care in comparison with Human Hair Wigs - for example, you have to wash Kanekalon wig four times seldom then Human Hair Wig. And after each wash you do not have to style Kanekalon Wig again, because this type of wigs after drying keep style you gave him before with hair heat appliances.

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