Wig washing
Wig washing - 14/06/2012
1. Carefully untangle any tangles by using a hairbrush for a long, straight wigs and your fingers for wavy, curly wigs; 2. Dissolve a shampoo in cold water and sink your wig in to the water. Leave the wig in the water for 10-15 minutes; 3. Rinse your wig in pure cold water several times in order to all shampoo be removed; 4. Dissolve a small amount of a conditioner in cool water and leave the wig in it for 10 minutes; ..
Wig care
Wig care - 14/06/2012
Kanekalon wig care Care for canecalon wigs is very easy! To wash kanecalon wig you can use same shampoo and conditioner you are using for you own hair. To style your kanekalon wig - you can apply any regular hairspray, hair gel or wax. Please, remember that our wig demands much less wash within month in comparison with your own hair - please, wash your wig not more than once a month if you use it frequently and once in two months if use it not often To look yo..