How to correctly put on Lace Front Wig, Full lace wig and Whole
There are two ways to wear Lace Wigs - It is possible either wear Lace wigs with a special glue or plasters (bilateral adhesive tape) or, it is possible to put this kind of wigs without adhesive stuff at all.  BUY WIG As a rule, Lace Front Wigs are least whimsical in wearing and very often they don't demand glue, or a gluing tape because the grid of lace is located only in frontal part, and other part of the wig is made on the basis of an elastic stretch-c..
Human Hair wigs
Human Hair wigs - 23/01/2013
Human Hair wigs are considered as one of the most expensive and exclusive wigs on the market. But not all natural wigs are good enough as its high price implies. This article helps you to choose Human Hair Wig correctly in order you will enjoy with your new hair!  BUY WIG First of all it is necessary to pay attention to wig's hair type. Every manufacturer using different type of hair to make wigs - but not all human hair good enough ..
Drag Queen Show
Drag Queen Show - 22/01/2013
Drag Queen Show and Travesty show - a type of parody when man (or group of men) dresses and acts on a woman maner. However between two concepts Drag Queen Show and Travesty show there is one important difference - the genre of Drag Queen implies an exaggeration of female gender features - such as a wigs, eyelashes, breast, hips and a voice. Same happens with an exaggeration in clothes and a make-up. Due to of these facts big satirical effect is reaching&n..
Wig - 20/01/2013
Wig is a hair-slip or a hairdress made with natural human hair, synthetic fiber or (in the past) animals' fur, fixed together on a cloth or grid basis. The first wigs appeared in Ancient Egypt and Babylonia, then, gained a wide spread among women in an Ancient Rome and in an Ancient Greece. BUY WIG In the XVI century wigs appeared and very fast it became an integral part of the life and even obligatory for carrying in Europe, among women and men of..
How to keep healthy skin under a wig?
In order to  wig wearing will be pleasure for you and wouldn't bring any problem for you with own hair or with head-skin, it is necessary to follow several simple rules: And so, for prevention of appearing this problems as - dandruff - bacteria - damage of  your own hair (dimness, fragility)   Try to always follow this requirements, when wearing a wig: 1 . Wash hair before put on a wig; 2 . Never put on a wig on a wet own hair; 3 ..
Kanekalon Fiber
Kanekalon Fiber - 18/01/2013
The most important component in quality of any wig is quality of hair or synthetic fiber applied to its fabrication. Since 19 century Humah Hair, was concidered as the best, natural material for wigs. Its pretty obvious, because by that time and a long time after science couldn't create any artificial fiber which would completely reflect structure and physical features of a natural hair. BUY WIG However, in the nineties, Japanese scientists had changed the..
Monofilament Wigs
Monofilament Wigs - 15/01/2013
Monofilament wigs or Mono Wigs is one of progressive technology at the wig market today. Monofilament wig has very tiny but strong, body-colored lace on its top. On this lace every single hair firmly fastend by hands - so, this construction of such type of wigs gives them its name - Monofilament wigs or MONO wigs. The fact that lace-base is body-colored makes this wig absolutely indistinguishable for people around. Because of this lace-base you can style your new hair with partings wit..
Machine wigs
Machine wigs - 12/01/2013
Machine wigs or machine-knit wigs is the most unexpensive wigs among others at the market. Machine wigs made at manufacture in completely mechanized way without hand-manual labor this fact feflects at its unexpensive price. Undoubtedly thу main advantage of this type of wigs - its minimal price in comparison with other models. But quite often machine-made wigs are more qualitative in some ways. For example - sometimes machine-made wigs more dense in compa..
Choose a wig for the squared face
  People who have a rectangular-shape face have to avoid short wigs, symmetry of a hairdress or something geometrical, that is that can emphasize angularity; If there is an opportunity to give volume in a crown, it considerably will belittle the square scheme. Whenever possible avoid equal type of hair, smooth lines. Hairdress with soft passing lines, small bangs this the best for your face type. If you have a squared face, you have to pay attention to hairdresses of such people as De..
Choose a wig for an oval shape of a face
Оval-shape face deservedly is considered as the most preferable form because it allows to show a versatility at a hairdress and style choice in whole. People with a similar shape of a face, can accept almost any hairstyle. The only thing, on what it is worth paying attention in this case - directly growth of hair and their form. Below, some simple councils to find the correct hairdress for your oval-shape face. Because the forehead and a chin of an oval-shape face are well counterbalan..
Choose a wig for round-shape face
Soft wig when hair curl and fall round cheeks - excellent style for round faces, such hairdresses win in comparison with flat and smooth. The ringlets falling round cheekbones, will force to look your face narrower. Volume from above (on a crown) will add height and thus will extend a face form. If you like bangs, slanting bangs being shortened in one of the parties - an excellent choice. If your neck is surrounded, the curling ringlets falling round cut, it will also visually reduce rotun..
Choose a wig for the face of a long (oblong) form
In this case the task consists in forcing the face to look shorter. It can be reached by wigs with thin, transparent bangs. The most volume part of hair needs be provided behind ears a hairdress has to be low on a crown. If your chin pointed, your hair shouldn't been bent inside. If you have an oblong or oval face, you are similar on this sign to Sara Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson. And in this case, hairdress length, and features of the face which you want to emphasize has the main..
Choose wig style for a heart-shape face
Narrow in the basis and wide above faces, need reduction of volume of hair on the top.  When the ends of hair keep out of hair-dress, instead of inside, they equalize a shape of a face, creating volume around its narrow basis. However, if your face has a shape of the turned heart (narrow above, and larger in a jaw) in such cases, it is necessary to provide the volume of hair above the heads visually to balance a large chin. You can want to have the same hairdress as at the actress ..
How correctly put on Lace Front Wig. Video
  In this video you will see how correctly put on your new Lace Front Wig.    Lace Front Wig is a wig with a thinnest grid of a lace along its frontal (forehead) part.  This feature of the wig allows you to set your new hair in any style, to do hair partings and to comb your new hair back, and not to beware of showing your hairline at the forehead to people arround you - with Lace Front Wig nobody can noticed that its not your own ha..
Wig drying
Wig drying - 14/06/2012
1. Wrap a wig in a towel and with careful movements of your hands get rid an excess of water. Do not twist and don't brush your wig, while it wet. 2. Carefully put on a wet wig to support and leave it for drying on with room temperature. In order to obtain healthy shine, use an aerosol and conditioner while wig is still wet. 3. You can start to comb the wig only when it is completely dry. All our wigs are made with high quwality thermo-resis..