Human Hair wigs

Human Hair wigs

Human Hair wigs are considered as one of the most expensive and exclusive wigs on the market.

But not all natural wigs are good enough as its high price implies. This article helps you to choose Human Hair Wig correctly in order you will enjoy with your new hair! 


First of all it is necessary to pay attention to wig's hair type. Every manufacturer using different type of hair to make wigs - but not all human hair good enough to make wigs. The type of the hair means crucial importance in quality of wigs and often reflects by its cost.

Inexpensive natural human hair wigs are usually made with Indian or Asian origin hair. This type of hair means quite high rigidity. Besides, usually this type of hair has quite dark color. That's why mahufacturers should previosly bleach this type of hair, and only after that procedure they can give to this hair the final necessary color. Becauseof the bleaching procedure, such a wig much brittle and more weaker in terms of durability - in comparison with high quality human hair wigs.


Really exclusive Human Hair Wigs are made only with European-origin hair material, which is much soft and have a high durability. Quite often manufacturers who make wigs with European hair keep its natural, initial color, this fact also fefers to high quality of this type of wigs because it keeps hair durability and allows user to use wig much longer. Wigs made with European hair truly outstanding choice, which you guaranteed can use for many years. It is possible to twist and straighten such wigs endless times and also to change its color, by means of a usual hair-dye.


On the other hand, Human Hair wigs demand themselves quite careful and complicated care in comparison with synthetic wigs. For example, humah hair wig needs to be washed at least twice often compared to synthetic wigs or wigs produced with Kanekalon fiber. It happens because the natural hair absorbs on itself fatty allocations of head skin on which, in turn, dust particles lay down much more strongly. After each washing Human Hair wig demands additional styling procedure, as the natural hair doesn't hold initially set style.


Usually, humah hair wig manufacturers leave a maximum length of the hair, because this tupe of wigs assumes a customer to apply to beauty salon, right after wig purchase in order a hair stylist can cut his new hair while the wig on its head, and the subsequent laying in the necessary style.

Manufacturers of such popular nowadays wigs as Lace Front Wigs rarely do it with humah hair, because of complexity of knitting of a natural hair on a frontal grid of Lace. Because of fragility of the natural hair - it breaks during the knitting procedure. 


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