Wig is a hair-slip or a hairdress made with natural human hair, synthetic fiber or (in the past) animals' fur, fixed together on a cloth or grid basis.

The first wigs appeared in Ancient Egypt and Babylonia, then, gained a wide spread among women in an Ancient Rome and in an Ancient Greece.


In the XVI century wigs appeared and very fast it became an integral part of the life and even obligatory for carrying in Europe, among women and men of nobility.

In the XX century obligatory of carrying wigs still remain in judicial system of many European countries.

The wig today a popular attribute of every theater, show and movie-production - wigs deservedly considered as the fastest way to change of appearance, without any harm for own hair.


In the 2000th a wig manufactures endures the real boom which began in the 90th, from the moment of the invention of wigs on a lace basis (Lace Front wigs, Full Lace wigs, Whole lace wigs) and Skin Top wigs which provides ladies an opportunity to have hairdress they always dreamed about, regardless their own natural hair.

With Lace wigs, there no any restrictions any more in ways they can style their new hair with Lace Wig - because this kind of wigs can guarantee - nobody arround you, can't notice that it is not your own hair but wig.


The most expensive wigs, today, are wigs made with natural hair, however, human hair wigs today aren't the most convenient in use because such natural wigs demands to themselves a lot of attention and care. Also, one of the main problem of natural human hair wigs - they don't keep a style and volume after washing, it means that after each wash of human hair wig, you need to style, curl or streighten such wig again nad again.

Besides, there are certain difficulties in manufacturing of Lace Wigs with human hair - because it is rather fragile material which, often, doesn't allow you to knit the hair on a lace basis. However, Japanese scientists successfully solve this problem, had invented Kanekalon Fiber - artificia, semi-synthetic fiber, which consists, not only synthetic components, but also up to 20% of organic substances that does this fiber absolutely indistinguishable from a high-quality European natural human hair, but considerably surpasses it in durability.


Thus, the invention of the Lace technology and Kanekalon fiber creates a blast among wig industrie. Finally today, each woman is able to afford herself to look perfectly well without spending both - a lot of efforts and money.

Dear friends, in our sections of Wigs in stock and Wigs to order you can find a whide range of wigs made with the Lace Front and Skin Top technology only with top-quality certified, heat-resistant, Japanese Kanekalon fiber! 




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