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Kanekalon Fiber

Kanekalon Fiber


The most important component of quality of any wig is quality of hair or synthetic fiber applied to their production. For a long time people appreciated Humah Hair wigs, however this trend we can easy explain - long time ago science couldn't create artificial fiber which would completely repeat structure and physical features of a natural hair.


However, in the nineties, Japanese scientists and producers changed the world of wigs production, having invented Kanekalon fiber. Fiber which formula has been improving since then many times and finally was brought to perfection - Kanekalon fiber can't be distinguished today from a natural hair, but at the same time, it almost surpasses a natural human hair in durability twice!



As a matter of fact Japanees' Kanekalon fiber, is not fully artificial fiber because its structure includes 20% of organic substances (seaweed) which gave to fiber necessary dullness, and made it full analog as natural Human Hair. Besides, real Kanekalon fiber, thanks to the this organic component - is heat-resistant fiber. Wigs from this material can be twisted and straightened daily, with fluting irons, thermo - nippers and thermo - hair curlers, having chosen temperature to 300 degrees F.


Unfortunately, as well as in many other spheres, Chinese wigs producers, and producers from many other countries (including Russia) in a pursuit of profit, adjusted production of the fiber which isn't match with the quality to the proud brand of Kanekalon at the factories, but, despite it, these underground productions apply this name to the inexpensive fiber, undermining, thereby confidence of the consumer to this brand. Without looking at all that this name is patented by Japanese producers. Thus, today, in the market of wigs there are a paradoxical situation when a great number of producers, in a pursuit of reduction in cost of production of wigs use any inexpensive fiber, naming it Kanekalon which, certainly, has nothing in common with the real Japanese kanekalon fiber.

Dear buyers, in production of all our artificial wigs we apply exclusively certified Japanese Kanekalon fiber, which we receive from factory in Nagoya City (Japan).





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