Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs or Mono Wigs is one of progressive technology at the wig market today. Monofilament wig has very tiny but strong, body-colored lace on its top. On this lace every single hair firmly fastend by hands - so, this construction of such type of wigs gives them its name - Monofilament wigs or MONO wigs. The fact that lace-base is body-colored makes this wig absolutely indistinguishable for people around. Because of this lace-base you can style your new hair with partings with no any fear that others can noticed that its not your own hair even few inches away. 




Herewith Monofilament wigs are not lace front wigs - other words, this wig doesn't show others your frontal hair line at a forehead. So, monofilament wigs fits perfect for ladies who beware of wearing lace wigs and show hairline to others - in this term monofilament wigs are classic wigs which hiding hairline with bangs. All our monofilament wigs made with fine-quality japaneese Kanekalon fiber. The feature of this Kanekalon fiber - that it looks absolutely like human hair - even professionals can't define Kanekalon fiber from natural human hair! At the same time Kanekalon fiber twice stronger in comparison with human hair - this fact guaranteed wear resistance long life of monofilament wig! 




Moreover - our superior-quality Kanekalon fiber are High Heat Resistant Fiber - it means that you can style and re-style your new hair every day by means hair heat style appliances, up to 300 F (180 C) degree!



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