Choose a wig for the squared face

Choose a wig for the squared face


People who have a rectangular-shape face have to avoid short wigs, symmetry of a hairdress or something geometrical, that is that can emphasize angularity; If there is an opportunity to give volume in a crown, it considerably will belittle the square scheme. Whenever possible avoid equal type of hair, smooth lines.

Hairdress with soft passing lines, small bangs this the best for your face type. If you have a squared face, you have to pay attention to hairdresses of such people as Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock.

Presence of the rectangular face means that you have a wide hair line and a wide jaw. The purpose of selection of a hairdress consists in softening your hair line to leave from direct vertical and horizontal lines.


- You carry hair not a direct form - curls and curling ringlets.

- Choose the average length of hair, pay attention to hairdresses at which locks can settle down on one of the parties of the face.

- Height and volume in a crown will extend your symmetric form.

- If your hair direct, you have to use twisting means thus to smooth strength forms.

TRY to AVOID: long straight lines which will emphasize a square shape of cheekbones. "Linear" direct ringlets and any symmetry. It is long a hair and a hairdress shouldn't come to an end at the level of cheekbones. Hair in your case have to be always higher or lower than cheekbones.


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