Choose a wig for an oval shape of a face

Choose a wig for an oval shape of a face

Оval-shape face deservedly is considered as the most preferable form because it allows to show a versatility at a hairdress and style choice in whole.

People with a similar shape of a face, can accept almost any hairstyle. The only thing, on what it is worth paying attention in this case - directly growth of hair and their form.

Below, some simple councils to find the correct hairdress for your oval-shape face.

Because the forehead and a chin of an oval-shape face are well counterbalanced, your wig shouldn't play a "screen" role.

Look at Sharon Stone or Uma Thurman's photo - owners of the correct oval shape of a face carry most often short hairdresses as they have nothing to hide from people around.

- Curls and wavy hair can add a lot of volume to hair, but it can do also can do your face slimmer. If you have natural curls - you improbably lucky person! However, if you have no own curls, you can use for these purposes thermohair curlers and thermonippers.

- Direct ringlets look advantageously on many shapes of a face, and people with oval face not an exception.

- If you really choose stright wig, avoid very short because they will extend your forehead, hairdresses which length will approach reaches, at least, an ear bottom.

- Hairdresses with the hair collected in a bunch, as we know, look better just, in public with oval shapes of a face. If you like this popular hairdress, you without ceremony can carry it.

TRY to AVOID: hairdresses which can close part of your person. The reason that they can visually make your person slightly more widely.


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