Choose a wig for round-shape face

Choose a wig for round-shape face

Soft wig when hair curl and fall round cheeks - excellent style for round faces, such hairdresses win in comparison with flat and smooth.

The ringlets falling round cheekbones, will force to look your face narrower. Volume from above (on a crown) will add height and thus will extend a face form.

If you like bangs, slanting bangs being shortened in one of the parties - an excellent choice. If your neck is surrounded, the curling ringlets falling round cut, it will also visually reduce rotundity.

If you have a full, round face, you should pay attention to Oprah Winfrey, Catharine Zeta-Jones and Cameron Diaz's hairdresses.

Round faces tend to be wider in cheeks with softer formation along the line of cheekbones and a forehead. Round faces have to be balanced, such hairdresses which force the person to seem to longer.

- The best hairdresses for your shape of a face - what hide a face around cheekbones and provide volume from above the heads.

- Long ringlets - are desirable because they as will provide more slender face.

- Try to avoid equal bangs as in your case it isn't desirable to hide frontal part.

- Long hairdresses (below a chin) taken away from the face back, in the top part of the head are desirable.

TRY to AVOID: Short hairstyles as they only it is underlined your round face. Hair at the level of a chin with the rounded line which reflects a round shape of a face. At a hairdress choice as avoid a fence of hair for ears.


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