Choose a wig for the face of a long (oblong) form

Choose a wig for the face of a long (oblong) form

In this case the task consists in forcing the face to look shorter. It can be reached by wigs with thin, transparent bangs.

The most volume part of hair needs be provided behind ears a hairdress has to be low on a crown. If your chin pointed, your hair shouldn't been bent inside.

If you have an oblong or oval face, you are similar on this sign to Sara Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson.

And in this case, hairdress length, and features of the face which you want to emphasize has the main matter at all. If it is cheekbones, for example, try to set hair at the level of a chin so that ringlets fell directly on your cheeks and a chin. It will create illusion of width which will be emphasized only by waves and curls.

If you want to draw attention to your lips and a chin - the long, direct hairdress is necessary for you.

- To emphasize your shoulders and a neck, you carry a long hairdress which falls behind your back.

- Long bangs also your style because they give more than width to an oblong face.

- Long curling ringlets at the level of a chin shakes as are ideal for you because they create width illusion.

- The bang, visually does your face shorter because it covers especially high forehead.

TRY to AVOID: short wigs with large volume in the top of the head. This style won't approach for the reason that will force your face to seem to much long. If your hair really dense and curling, avoid as a fence of hair in a bunch.


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