Choose wig style for a heart-shape face

Choose wig style for a heart-shape face

Narrow in the basis and wide above faces, need reduction of volume of hair on the top. 

When the ends of hair keep out of hair-dress, instead of inside, they equalize a shape of a face, creating volume around its narrow basis.

However, if your face has a shape of the turned heart (narrow above, and larger in a jaw) in such cases, it is necessary to provide the volume of hair above the heads visually to balance a large chin.

You can want to have the same hairdress as at the actress loved by you but if it doesn't correspond to your shape of a face, you probably will be disappointed.

If you were lucky to have the person of a heart-shaped form, for you won't be difficult to pick up to itself a wig with excellent style. The wig with a hair parting on both sides — as at Naomi CampbellJennifer Lav Hewitt and Reese Witherspoon — is the most universal, thus, the majority of similar hairdresses will make you irresistible.

Парик как у Наоми Кембэлл

парик как у наоми кемпбелл

-  Use laid on the side, longer bangs to draw attention to your eyes and fantastic cheekbones.  

-  Long wigs with wavy structure, also will look fantastically.  

Парик как у Дженнифер Лав Хьютт

Парик Дженнифер Лав Хьютт

-  As your most striking trait - a chin, be convinced that your hairdress is sufficient on length.  -  

You can carry and shorter hairdresses, however, if your person - a typical heart, you have to leave volume in the lower part of a nape, it will provide balance between cheekbones and a sharp chin. 

Как выбрать парик

TRY to AVOID: Short, volume hairdresses which emphasize the top part of the head. Hairdresses smoothly combed back. Otherwise, your top part will look excessively volume and heavy. Too much volume in a crown will create visibility of longer and narrower chin.


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