Wig drying

Wig drying

1. Wrap a wig in a towel and with careful movements of your hands get rid an excess of water. Do not twist and don't brush your wig, while it wet.

2. Carefully put on a wet wig to support and leave it for drying on with room temperature. In order to obtain healthy shine, use an aerosol and conditioner while wig is still wet.

3. You can start to comb the wig only when it is completely dry. All our wigs are made with high quwality thermo-resistant Kanekalon fiber - so, you can use hair dryer, electronippers, thermohair curlers to obtain final style of the wig but, make sure that themperature up to 350 F (180 С)

4. Store your wig far from an open flame and all other sources of heat.

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